Returning from an insane night clubbing, driving home in your car with the magnificent morning sunrise along the open horizon, everyone in the back seat half passed out, trancing to the song. The City is starting to wake up, people are out getting ready to go to work. We just had an incredible party!

Astea nu le-am scris eu, dar descriu perfect tinereţile mele duse pe apa sâmbetei.

Acuma mă apuc de treabă. Stop vise.


2 thoughts on “Clubbing

  1. big city lights..!!! Studentie in Cluj…acum nu ne mai permitem sa petrecem pana dimineata…nu de alta dar a doua fie merge la servici, fiue e weekend si vrem sa facem curatenie, sa viuzitam parintii, prietenii sau sa ne odihnim…ne raman doar alte evenimente nunti, botezuri…dar nu e la fel si pe deasupra mai e si costisitor…

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